Designed for people who are trying to conceive! Let The Stork OTC aid you in the conception process.
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Why choose The Stork OTC?

The Stork OTC is an innovative, home-use device that helps with becoming pregnant. Whether you are just starting on your journey to parenthood or have been trying for longer, let The Stork OTC optimize your chances of conceiving. This NEW treatment option is FDA-cleared for home-use without a prescription.

The Stork OTC conception aid gives couples a way to use cervical cap insemination — an established conception technique — in the privacy of home. The Stork OTC incorporates familiar elements with the condom-like cap and tampon-like delivery and removal of the cap, so you can use it at home, in private before having to try more aggressive treatments (or after having already tried them) – and without the same loss of intimacy.

The Stork by Rinovum
The Stork OTC lets you take charge of your family planning, and act as a team while you do it. FDA-cleared applications for The Stork OTC include common fertility difficulties attributed to both men and women, including:
  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility
  • Unfavorable vaginal environment (pH imbalances)
  • Unexplained infertility

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How The Stork OTC Works

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Success Stories

“This is a very impressive product & incredibly safe & easy to use in the comfort of your own home. Even more impressive is the customer service. They go above & beyond to answer any questions you may have & are very helpful. A wonderful product along with fantastic customer service is a HUGE winner in my book ! ! Would most definitely recommend this company you cannot go wrong.”
Geeta, – California
“After Trying for 9 months we conceived the first time trying with the Stork OTC. We are overjoyed and so thankful we came across the Stork in the drugstore. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”
K.D., – Los Angeles, CA
“I have been trying for my third child for 10 months, after conceiving my two boys on clomid. I was on my 6th and final cycle of clomid, after which I was being sent for a hsg tube test before going on to hormone injections.

I bought Stork as a desperate whim. The instructions were very good and it turned out to be pretty easy to use.

I just got a positive pregnancy test and am over the moon!!!!!”

Paula, – UK
“We got pregnant right away and had no problems at all with The Stork! I will say I felt it inside me (unlike a tampon) and was nervous I had messed up somehow, but we’re pregnant! This was our first try and we can’t believe it. We did combine The Stork with ovulation tests, Vitex, Mucinex, and evening primrose oil. (Of course, talk to your doctor first.) Zero complaints about this product!”
Lauren K., – US
“My fiancé and I had been trying for almost a year. I was ready to give up when I found stork. We tried it and it work the first try we thought maybe it won’t work maybe we would have to try it again. But now I’m 4 weeks pregnant and so happy to be a success story.”
Johnnae W., – US
“My husband and I have been trying for 3 years and no luck. We tried one IUI and no luck, and too costly for us. We tried three Storks and now 4 months pregnant. We could not be happier and thank you Rinovum. It is our miracle ..”
B. Jehnsen, – Lakeland, FL
“Achieved pregnancy (together with preseed) first month of trying! It was slightly fiddly to use but not difficult. Still got 1 left as I bought two (didn’t expect it to work first time) !”
Mr. Ra Hawkins, – UK
“I know this sounds too good to be true but we got PG the second month using The Stork, after trying for 10 years. We had a feeling that the swimmers weren’t getting and STAYING where they needed to, and this device solved the problem. We had tried more expensive IUI treatments with no luck. This soft cup is placed up around the cervix and can remain comfortably in place for a few hours. The device is truly a one use item; there’s no washing and reusing possible. It seems expensive, but compared to the many hundreds and thousands of dollars for infertility treatments it seemed like a no brainer to try it on our months off from treatment. Wish we found it sooner. Also, there’s a video on the internet that explains the use.”
MKL, – NY, United States
“My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 9 months, and tried this out along with preseed and our first round of femara. Last week we Just found out we are Expecting!! We couldn’t be happier, and would highly recommend this.”
Mrs. G., – Virginia, United States
“After three trying years attempting to get pregnant, the stork delivered. We could not be happier….Thank you Rinovum for the extra nudge”
C.S. and C.S., – Pennsylvania, United States
“My husband and I attended the Fertility Show last month in Olympia in London. We have been trying for 10 months to get pregnant with no success and were about to start IVF. We bought the Stork and used it last month – and we have just found out that we are pregnant! So thank you to the creator of the Stork who we met at the Show, a real example of how entrepreneurship can result in real-life success stories. THANK YOU!”
Anna, – UK
“Worth the money, it did work for us! ”
Mrs. Smith, – UK
“My wife and I got married while I was in the Army and between my deployments and careers we ended up waiting until our we were almost 40 to try to start a family.   We both had a lot of concerns about our ability to conceive but fortunately the Stork was available.   We were able to use it in the privacy of our own home and after only two tries, we conceived.  We’re 6 months along now and we couldn’t be happier!”
A.K.Z, – USA