The Stork Conception Aid

Project Description

The Conceptacle®
The Conceptacle consists of a silicone condom-like sheath with an HSSA tested silicone cervical cap resting within the reservoir. The Conceptacle is used to collect the semen during natural intercourse but can alternatively be used with donor semen. The semen collected remains in the cervical cap in its reservoir.
The cervical cap is removed from the sheath and placed into the applicator for tracking into the vaginal tract. The cervical cap is cradled and compressed with the Plunger Tab (Button 1). Once the device is placed into the vaginal tract by the user, the semen is pushed from the reservoir tip towards the mouth of the cap with the Plunger Release Button (Button 2). The cap is released from the device using the Cap Release Button (Button 3).

The Applicator
The Applicator cradles and compresses the cervical cap for ease of tracking through the vagina to the opening of the cervical os. There are three activation buttons on the applicator that the patient will engage with to use the product.
Button 1 - Plunger Tab (seals the cervical cap)
Button 2 - Plunger Release (opens the cervical cap)
Button 3 - Cap Release (releases the cervical cap, attaching a retrieval string)

Project Details